GAMINGFNAF: Security Breach Where to find the Nightmare Plush

FNAF: Security Breach Where to find the Nightmare Plush You’ll find hidden secrets and valuables throughout the pizzaplex in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach. One of these collectibles is a plush toy of Nightmare, a well-known character. This item is tucked away deep within the pizzaplex and requires some dexterity to find. In FNAF: Security Breach, the Nightmare Plush may be found here.

You will eventually need to access Parts & Services as the night progresses. When you get in this region, you will discover that a group of Endoskeletons will be after you. Simply staring at the Endoskeletons will cause them to cease moving. Keep an eye on them because they will move if you take your gaze away from them.

Make your way through the Endoskeleton-infested territory. You’ll need to hit a button on certain party-themed balloons. After that, continue down the hallway until it separates into two halves, one on the right and one on the left. You’ll find another button that opens a wall if you take the left way through the door. A playroom with an Endoskeleton awaits you behind the wall. In front of the Endoskeleton, the present containing the Nightmare Plush will be sitting on the ground. Pick it up with caution.